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Reducing load on root-damaged plants that have been under watered

The art of growing bonsai brings into small pots, trees that naturally are living in nature. In order to successfully train these trees, you need to create optimal growing conditions. The “optimum growth conditions” are different from specie to specie; some species can handle periods of relative dryness, others require near-constant moisture. One of the most important aspect is watering your bonsai, how much to water,, and when to water.

How to create optimum growth conditions

Bonsai trees are planted in pots, this will limit the space and bonsai care becomes very difficult – the shallow containers limit the expanse of the root system and make proper watering practically an art in itself.

Helping a plant acclimate, indoor or outdoor?

The idea of bonsai is to recreate some of nature’s most stunning and beautiful effects (shapes) on trees which are reduced in scale. Bonsai is an outdoor activity; trees grown are outdoor plants, putting them into pots does not
transform them into indoor plants; with very few exceptions, if you keep your bonsai indoors they will die.