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Taking Care Of Bonsai – Tips For Bonsai Tree Care: The Four Essentials

Bonsai is a Japanese word, it translates as “tree in a pot”. Nevertheless, bonsai trees didn’t come from Japan, but originated in China during the Chou dynasty (900-250 B.C.). It was many years later that Zen Buddhists established the bonsai tree in Japan. (Zen also is a Chinese import to Japan, the original spelling is Ch’en). Initially, these trees in a pot were grown from one specific species of tree; today a bonsai tree may be cultivated in miniature form from almost any type of tree.

Art Of Bonsai Tree – Selling & The Art Of The Bonsai Tree

A Japanese bonsai tree is a true marvel.

It is a tree, to be sure, but it has been cultivated to be a perfect dwarf, a miniature embodiment of the whole of nature.