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Growing Bonsai – Gardening – Grow A Bonsai

Plants are a fascination to many. Live with them and you will know the sentiments of a plant lover. Plants offer a wide scope for experimenting. They add a touch of class to your homes and can bring about lot of cheer and joy to its immediate surroundings. Have them in pots or in jugs, have them hanging or have them creeping, they are always a pleasure to look at and be with.

Growing Healthy Bonsai Indoors

Growing bonsai indoors does not have to be a difficult task for most people. If you provide enough lighting and a warm atmosphere, then virtually any type of Bonsai can be grown indoors successfully. (more…)

Propagating Japanese Maples For Bonsai

There are three methods one can use to propagate Japanese Maples. These methods are growing from seed, air layering and by rooting cuttings. Japanese Maple seeds need to go through a stratifying process. To do this, one would need to first place the seed in a (more…)