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Bonsai Tree & China And Japan – All About The Bonsai Treewhen People Think Of The Bonsai Tree, They Usually Think Of China And Japan

When people think of the bonsai tree, they usually think of China and Japan first. While these two countries are most famous for growing and training bonsai, the growing of miniature trees can be traced as far back as ancient Egypt. It’s believed that the growing of miniature trees was pioneered by healers as a way to easily transport trees with healing powers for medicinal purposes. However, it soon evolved into an art form and pastime for the wealthy.

Bonsai Plant Stand – Bonsai Plant Stands And Help Choosing The Right One!

Bonsai plant stands have become more and more popula amongst gardening enthusiasts all over the world.

This article will help you to identify the right themes, materials and types of bonsai plant stands you’ll need to get yourself started…

Silk Floor Plants – Silk Bonsai Trees

A silk bonsai tree is an effective alternative to a live bonsai tree. Silk bonsai trees are artificial, hand-made artifacts that are made to fit the highest standards. Since they need no wiring, pruning, or other maintenance, silk bonsai trees have now become a popular option to adorn the indoors and outdoors of homes, office settings, restaurants, and other commercial places.