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Bonsai Gardening Secrets – How To Bonsai – The Secrets To Success

Ever consider the art of bonsai. Bonsai are not the trees themselves but refer specifically to the process by which to grow and care for the trees. Bonsai is an ancient art, first believed practiced by the Chinese, who shaped their trees into animal forms and then later modified and some say improved by the Japanese.

Mistakes That Will Kill Your Bonsai – Avoid This Common Mistake That Can Kill Your Bonsai Tree

Do you know what the most common cause of death for bonsai trees is? Believe it or not, it is improper watering.

Bonsai Tree Trimming – Camellias

Named by Linnaeus in 1735 in accolade of the Jesuit priest and naturalist Georg Josef Kamel, Camellia is a genus originating mainly from China but with a scope covering a big region of South East Asia. The precise amount of species is not clear-cut but it is someplace around 100. Camellia is a significant commercial genus because of one species, Camellia sinensis, the plant from which tea is made.