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Growing Bonsai Tree – Developing A Bonsai Plant

Bonsai are dwarf plotted plants cultivated by the Japanese and Chinese for centuries. Growth of a bonsai is a time-consuming process requiring much patience, care and nurturing. It is also said to take considerable artistic skill, an art that has become rather popular in the United States since World War II. A successful bonsai could be described as the union of a plant and its container to create a beautiful picture of nature in a miniature form.

Bonsai – An Exercise In Patience

If you are new to the practice of bonsai, it won’t take you long to realize that patience, patience, and more patience is king when it comes to developing a tree worthy of presentation. Bonsai trees of the utmost caliber often take several years to form. During this time, it is the job of the caretaker (you) to put the bonsai in a position to succeed.

First, let’s talk about watering. Depending on the seed you are using, watering can be a painstakingly tedious task or a relatively manageable one. Conifers (cone-bearing trees such as pines or cypresses) can be a good seed to use for your first bonsai. These trees generally require less oversight of moisture levels in the soil. There are two extremes of soil moisture, soggy and bone-dry. Watering in excess might seem harmless, but it can rot the roots of your bonsai due to the presence of fungi. Intuitively, trees need water to survive, so if they are deprived of this, it won’t take them long to show signs of death. Some trees, like evergreens, can be tricky in this respect. While they might handle dry conditions reasonably well, they will often still appear healthy months after their root system has been dehydrated to the point of ruin. (more…)