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Emergency first aid for over-fertilized plants whose roots are dying

An important aspect when you are dealing with bonsai tree is the soil, the quality of soil and soil fertilization. It is an important aspect, but here the opinions differ very much: Some promote the use of organic fertilizers to augment an essentially inorganic soil mix, while others will use chemical fertilizers freely.

Fertilizing, getting the right soil level

All fertilizers provide a NPK value, which is very important for using the right type of fertilizer in the right season. N is chemical denomination for nitrogenous, P for phosphorus and K for potassium, these substances have special functions which will be used for Bonsai (N (Nitrogenous) = General growth of the tree P (Phosphorus) = Promotes the development of buds and fruits. K (Potassium) = Very important for making trees hardy for the winter.)