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Growing Healthy Bonsai Indoors

Growing bonsai indoors does not have to be a difficult task for most people. If you provide enough lighting and a warm atmosphere, then virtually any type of Bonsai can be grown indoors successfully. (more…)

Problems with American Bonsai

Traditionally, Bonsai was an art form geared entirely to the outside, since the trees used for Bonsai were native to their countries and as such needed the climatic conditions of their natural environment. But as interest in Bonsai grew in America, people wanted trees that could be grown inside, in apartments or houses, in addition to the outdoor varieties.
As a result, there has been a lot of interest in varieties that will grow indoors, using not just the traditional trident maples, pines, spruce, plums, wild cherries and other species indigenous to the Orient, but instead using tropical or temperate trees that can be shaped and trained in the traditional styles and still live and thrive in an indoor environment.
The key to success is checking your tree daily, being careful not to ignore it or to forget about it. Most people in America seem to be attracted to the evergreen; after all, North America is famous for its evergreen forests of fir, redwood, etc. Miniature versions of these forests hold a special attraction.
Vance Wood, one of the bonsai enthusiasts, that continue to develop the art of bonsai, has published a controversial article regarding the American Bonsai Problems. He was saying that the bonsai art in America is far beyond the art in Europe, Asia. He published some of his visions on American bonsai problems:

  • “American bonsai lag far behind European bonsai.”
  • “Several world class masters and gifted amateurs”
  • “Bonsai is not an art is ego driven.”
  • Vance Wood was accusing the existing experts that have no wish to develop the technique, and teaches from them are intended to guide the new bonsai peoples on the same tracks, not allowing the improvements, and new concepts, new techniques, new visions.
    His opinions have proven to have a great impact in the world of American bonsai enthusiasts, causing some acid responses from bonsai peoples, calling those words as “assumptions”.

    Helping a plant acclimate, indoor or outdoor?

    The idea of bonsai is to recreate some of nature’s most stunning and beautiful effects (shapes) on trees which are reduced in scale. Bonsai is an outdoor activity; trees grown are outdoor plants, putting them into pots does not
    transform them into indoor plants; with very few exceptions, if you keep your bonsai indoors they will die.