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Air circulation

If you are thinking for a long-term health of your new bonsai you must know that a location with adequate air circulation is very important for bonsai. The photosynthesis process requires an unrestricted exchange of fresh air and stagnate environmental conditions could compromise your bonsai’s ability to continue its photosynthetic processes, by clogging the pores or stomata, located on the bottom of leaves, which bonsai trees use for this vital air exchange, through dust and debris accumulation.

Watering – how often to water?

A very often-asked question is “how often should I water my bonsai”.
Unfortunately, there is no simple and clear answer. How often you should water a bonsai tree depends on several different variables: what type of tree is it, what time of year is it, where is your tree kept, where do you live, and more than a few others. Watering bonsai is a constant balance between too much and too little.
The “best” way to water is to first wet the soil a little, this will improve the soil’s ability to absorb a larger volume of water, and then you should water thoroughly until the soil is saturated. Make certain that the entire soil mass gets wet – every time – you water and wait for the excess to run out of the drainage holes to be sure.

Growing bonsai indoor

Growing in almost the same conditions as houseplant, indoor bonsai are the most easily to grow. This is the type of bonsai that can be raised by almost everyone that has minimum knowledge about how to grow plants.
These trees should be in a location where they can get morning sun and afternoon shade. Some bonsai will survive in full sun, but it is best to use caution if you are uncertain whether your tree will be able to take the full sun or not. The indoor bonsai can also be set outdoors in late spring and summer, then brought back indoor in the fall when nighttime temperatures drop below 55 egrees.