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Lighting techniques

Providing the correct amount of light for your bonsai tree is a very important aspect for keeping it healthy.
However, there are no simple answers as to how much light bonsai trees in general “require”; generally, light requirements are specific to the type of tree and are dependent also upon specific variations in the location they are kept. It depends if the bonsai tree has light in the morning or in the afternoon, is he can shade or not; how much is the bonsai kept in sun, is it artificial light or not; what species of plants your bonsai is—etc.
Sunlight is by far the best type of light for bonsai trees (this observation match to most other living creatures on earth). Following this consideration, for indoor bonsai, best spot for your bonsai is the brightest window in your home. But is this window is located near the fireplace, or an intense source of heat this could be the worse place for your bonsai (so it is a must to find an alternative to this and to rich equilibrium for your bonsai tree).