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Boxwood (Buxus) Indoor Bonsai Tree

Introduction to Boxwood Indoor Bonsai Tree

Woody boxwood indoor bonsai tree makes fine material for bonsai. When choosing boxwood indoor bonsai tree, choose the ones with very small leaves and compact growth.

Kingsville Boxwood (Buxus Microphylla Compacta)

Kingsville Boxwood is the aristocrat of indoor bonsai where it has a rich, dark color, small foliage and it develops heavy wood when relatively young. Kingsville Boxwood indoor bonsai tree can be developed into all styles of trees but is most often seen as either a straight or slanting upright.

Kingsville Boxwood Indoor Bonsai Tree Care & Cutting

When a boxwood indoor bonsai tree starts to feel dry, water it thoroughly. This indoor bonsai tree is sensitive to careless watering that reaches only part of the roots, so watering for this type of indoor bonsai tree must be thorough. Keep this indoor bonsai tree away from full sun.

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