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Ficus Indoor Bonsai Tree

Introduction to Ficus Indoor Bonsai Tree

Ficus can make a great indoor bonsai tree because these bonsai plants are tolerant of imperfect light, of air that is little dry or humid, and of most indoor temperature ranges.

Ficus indoor bonsai tree shed a little during the change of seasons. However, new growth of the ficus bonsai tree appears immediately. Ficus leaves reduce, but many varieties begin with smaller leaves, and many send down aerial roots.

Ficus Indoor Bonsai Tree Care & Pruning

Place your Ficus indoor bonsai in the morning sun, and water it as it starts to feel dry. As it is fast growing, you will have to pinch and prune it as needed. When pruning, do not be alarmed if the indoor bonsai tree weeps a white sap.

Benjamina Ficus Indoor Bonsai Tree

Probably the most well-known figure, benjamina ficus indoor bonsai tree has large leaves (that will reduce) and develops thich surface roots.

Ficus Diversifolia Indoor Bonsai Tree

The charm of this ficus diversifolia indoor bonsai tree is the tiny fruit that remains on the tree for a long time. The color of the fruit changes from light orange to red. Small black dots on the backside of the leaves are part of the leaf and not insects.

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